How A “Sad Emotional Diet” Affects You And Your Family’s Health

Have you ever found yourself saying to your child or spouse “calm down” or “you’re fine” when they are having an emotional moment?  If so, you’re not the only one. 


What makes us say these kinds of “shutting down” statements in the face of emotional turmoil?  The reality is that most of us have been conditioned to shun emotions or ignore them in the hopes that they will go away and “everything will be fine” once again.  This emotional way of being has been referred to as the “Sad Emotional Diet” consumed by most of the population.  But the truth is that this way of reacting to others and our own emotions are quite detrimental to our health and well being as an individual, for a child and for a family system.


What ends up being the cost of adopting the Sad Emotional Diet of ignoring and shunning emotions or disapproving them and shutting them down?  POOR EMOTIONAL REGULATION…for yourself, your children and your family, which in turn can lead to poor mental and physical health.

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Afshan Tafler
How Connecting To The Realm Of Infinite Possibilities Impacts Your Health

What do you feel when you read the words “Infinite Possibilities”?  I don’t know about you, but my whole body starts to tingle with energy buzzing through me.  It feels like I’ve entered a Sci-fi vortex where anything is possible and all the things encumbering me in life fall away.

So, what’s important about experiencing "Infinite Possibilities"? 

According to Dr. Dan Siegel, accessing the realm of infinite possibilities is where transformation can truly take place for your mind, your body, your life and our world. As Dr. Siegel says, “The emptiness of identity brings the rising of potential and possibility.”

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Afshan Tafler
The Connection Between Parenting & Your Health

How many times have you found yourself saying to your kids “Why are you doing that? What’s wrong with you?  What were you thinking?!”

And for those who don’t have kids…just hang on here because this has to do with you too (I will show you what I mean in a bit, so read on). 

You’re probably wondering what parenting has to do with your current state of health?  The answer is, likely, a lot.

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