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 Are You the Parent of a Sensitive, Spirited, or Strong-Willed Child?

Perhaps your child...

  • Is bright and loving but has big, uncontrollable feelings, holds nothing back, and has a hard time regulating his or her emotions

  • Is easily upset, with angry outbursts that leave everyone exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated

  • Is sensitive, highly energetic or “busy”, or gets overwhelmed easily, making it difficult to complete certain tasks or activities

  • Is defiant and demands what she or he wants, has a hard time listening, and wants to do things his or her own way

  • Has meltdowns for what seems like “no apparent reason”, has trouble sleeping, is a picky eater, and is sensitive to noises, textures, or lights

  • Has a hard time with changes or transitions, and has trouble hearing “no” or adhering to boundaries

  • Is often labeled ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Fussy, High Needs, Gifted, Depressed,  Oppositional Defiant, Sensory Processing Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder

Do you find yourself feeling…

  • Exhausted and challenged on a daily basis, with your child always pushing your buttons?

  • Frustrated and disappointed with all the needs of your child, and then guilty for feeling this way?

  • That your child’s issues need to be fixed, and that you have a lack of acceptance and tolerance for your child’s tantrums and behaviors?

  • Angry or resentful - either outwardly or secretly - and that your child is all work, and no fun or joy?

  • Fearful of your child’s future, worried what others may think of your child, or concern that your child needs to be like other kids to be okay?

If any of these sound familiar - you’re not alone. Parenting a spirited or strong-willed child is challenging. At last, you’ve found the support and insight that will change your relationship forever. Please email me at [email protected] to book a free consultation
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Hi, I’m Afshan Tafler

I’m a Whole Life Coach and Conscious Parenting Coach who helps you discover your power to transform your emotional health. This way, you can handle life’s challenges with resiliency, create more connected relationships, and live from your full life force energy.

As an expert in emotional health for both chronic illness and parenting, I have been featured in Mindful World Parenting, Beyond Parenthood, Thriving Children, Parenting Like A PRO, Lead With Love Series, Passionate About Parenting, Evolving Families, and Great Parenting Simplified.

Parents of sensitive, spirited and strong-willed children turn to me for help living into their full parenting potential. Now, you can too.


I understand your parenting struggles because I have had them too.

Raising a super sensitive and strong-willed child (with Anxiety, OCD, ODD/anger, and sensory processing issues) has challenged me and almost broke me! I tried eveything possible to “fix” my child and mold him into who I thought he should be.  But he wanted none of it and just fought back harder.

I found myself ruled by my emotional reactions to his behaviors and hand-cuffed by my fear of this child’s future and well-being.  I felt like I was failing as a parent.

I was suffering...Until I discovered the path of Conscious Parenting. 

This was a life-changing discovery! While my son did have his challenges, my suffering and lack of acceptance for my child, along with my lack of confidence in my ability to “handle” this child were actually due to what existed inside of me - my own unhealed wounds!

By healing my deepest, most wounded parts, and shifting my relationship with myself, I was able to handle challenging moments with ease and wisdom. I finally discovered how to help both myself and my child.

This was my path to freedom. And it can be yours, too.


 Introducing Conscious Parenting

As a parent to a sensitive, strong-willed and spirited child, you are challenged more than the norm. Feelings of overwhelm, anger, resentment, fear, worry, guilt, and sadness can often consume you.


You may find yourself searching for answers to your parenting situation. And you might wonder how to help yourself and your child with this challenge you have been given in life. You may feel like you’ve tried everything - from books and coaches, to authoritarian, discipline-focused approaches to parenting… 

...but nothing seems to work.

Embarking upon a journey of Conscious Parenting can help you create the calm and ease you’re looking for within yourself, and to help your whole family find peace and compassion.

At its heart, Conscious Parenting is about building a strong emotional connection with your child, all by building a strong emotional connection with yourself first.

 It is about embracing the idea that your journey with your child is as much about your own growth and expansion, as it is about helping your child thrive in this world.


The RESULT? A life of greater connection, meaning, authenticity, love, and unconditional acceptance of yourself and your child. From this comes better behaviors, stronger relationships, deeper trust, and more resiliency to handle life’s challenges.

At last, you become the confident and connected parent you’ve always wanted to be. And you’ll unlock true happiness and satisfaction in life - for both you and your child.

3 Ways To Get Started On Your Path To Conscious Parenting


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Featured Parenting Summit Interviews


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 What parents are saying

Before coaching with Afshan, I was struggling with rage, giving looks of disapproval, lack of confidence and worthiness. In 6 sessions, Afshan helped me to make a lot of changes in my thought processes, beliefs and action changes too. I am a calmer parent, a more aware person and in touch with my consciousness. I feel worthy and able to handle situations from my true self, feel supported from my Self and way less reactive. Afshan was so gentle, non-judgmental, gave prompt quality feedback and checked in with me. I felt I could trust her right away. All which made a difference. I feel gratitude.

- Katerina

In coaching with Afshan, within 6 sessions, I definitely feel I have come a long way in terms of staying calm and being less angry. My children and husband have noticed and recognized when I *would* have “exploded” in the past, but am now holding it together better. I used to think that “Staying calm/being less angry” were two sides of the same coin, but now I see them as more separate: I think now I can get angry about something and not let it overflow into things unrelated and as a result of that I am more calm. Now I am more “in the moment” with my interpersonal in-home relationships and can deal with conflict better. I think my biggest (emotional) obstacle was getting a hold on my anger issues. All the other things have progressed because that anger is not as ever-present as it was. Afshan’s ability to listen with an understanding heart, making it feel like a safe place to share my conscious and unconscious thoughts, and following up with emails and suggestions on how to deal with complicated feelings between sessions helped me to feel heard and like I mattered.

- Lilia

Afshan’s coaching helped me to improve my relationship with my husband and let go of a lot of built up resentment and bitterness. I am much better equipped to handle disagreements and things don’t escalate like they used to. I am much happier and more at peace. Afshan helped me to listen to and understand what my emotions were telling me. It’s amazing as the little things that used to bother and sometimes consume me now don’t effect me at all. I also was able to understand my soul’s journey and my life purpose. I am so grateful. I believe I’m a much calmer and better mom as a result of this inner work.

- SD

Before coaching with Afshan I always felt like “my kids were doing this to me” and they were being “bad”. I felt frustrated and very concerned that they were not nicely behaved human beings. At the same time I felt a lot of guilt for getting frustrated with them. As we worked together, I learned that a lot of my reactions to my children were due to my own traumas I had experienced with my parents and at school, which resulted in me feeling like I was “bad”. As we healed these wounds I found myself not reacting as much with my kids. I could see that their behavior was just a cry for help and I could feel more love and acceptance for them. I was also able to let go of the guilt and shame of feeling like I wasn’t a good enough parent. I’m much happier and more at peace as a parent.

- KS

You Deserve the Very Best Parenting Experience

Here, you’ll gain the tools to transform your inner self, this way, you can see past your own roadblocks and enjoy a calm and connected relationship with your child.


Connect to the joy, love, and ease of being a parent to a highly sensitive, spirited, and strong-willed child.

Release the fear, worry, control and past conditioning keeping you in a place of suffering.

Transform anger, resentment, and guilt into connection and calm, with a deeper understanding of yourself and your child.


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You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.


Being a happy, joyful, and peaceful parent is an inside job. Embark upon your journey of conscious parenting today!

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