CONNECT to the joy, love and ease of being a parent to a highly sensitive and spirited child.

RELEASE the fear, worry, control and past conditioning keeping you in a place of suffering.

TRANSFORM your anger, resentment and guilt into acceptance and a deeper understanding of yourself and your child.



Awaken to a new way of parenting that will shift your perception of your child from difficult and broken, to whole and complete, and an opportunity for your growth and development into the most authentic and best YOU. 

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Do you have a sensitive & spirited child? Perhaps your child… 

  • Has trouble regulating his emotions and is easily frustrated and upset with angry outbursts

  • Is sensitive in many ways

  • Is highly energetic or “busy”

  • Is overwhelmed easily

  • Is defiant and demands for what she wants

  • Has a hard time listening and wants to do things his own way

  • Has meltdowns for what seems like “no apparent reason”

  • May have trouble sleeping, is a picky eater, sensitive to noises, textures, lights

  • Is bright and loving but has big uncontrollable feelings and holds nothing back

  • Has a hard time with changes or transitions

  • Has a hard time hearing “no” or adhering to boundaries

  • Is often labeled ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Fussy, High Needs, Gifted, Depressed, Oppositional Defiant, Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder


Do you find yourself feeling…

  • Exhausted and challenged daily; your child is always pushing your buttons

  • Frustrated and disappointed in all the needs of your child

  • Your child’s issues need to be fixed

  • Lack of acceptance and tolerance for your child’s tantrums and behaviors

  • Angry or resentful (either outwardly or secretly)

  • Fearful of your child’s future and also of what others may think of your child

  • Your child needs to be like other kids in order to be ok

  • Your child is all work and no fun or joy

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 As a parent to a sensitive and spirited child you are challenged more than the norm.  Feelings of overwhelm, anger, resentment, fear, worry, guilt and sadness can often consume you. 

You may find yourself searching for answers on how to help your child and help yourself with this challenge you have been given in life. 

You may have tried the more authoritarian and disciplining approaches with your child, but they just don’t seem to work

Embarking upon a journey of Conscious Parenting can help you to create the calm and ease you are looking for within yourself and your whole family. 

At the heart of Conscious Parenting is building a strong emotional connection with your child by building a strong emotional connection with yourself first.  It is about embracing the idea that your journey with your child is as much about your own growth and expansion as it is about guiding and helping your child’s growth and ability to thrive in this world. 

The RESULT?:  A life of greater connection, meaning, authenticity, love and unconditional acceptance of yourself and your child.  From this comes better behaviors, stronger relationships, more trust and more resiliency to handle life’s challenges.  You become the confident and connected parent you’ve always wanted to be, which leads to more happiness and satisfaction in life – for both you and your child!

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About Afshan

Afshan Tafler is a Whole Life Coach and Conscious Parenting Coach who helps you discover your power to transform your health and your life by healing all parts of you – Mind, Body and Soul.  Through a combination of Mind-Body Coaching and transformational, scientifically proven energy psychology techniques, her expertise is to help you reprogram your mind and body for optimal health. 

Afshan is also a mom to a special needs child and is a proponent of Conscious Parenting.  She was featured on the Mindful World Parenting Summit, Beyond Parenthood Summit, and Thriving Children Summit and is passionate about helping parents with sensitive and spirited children to thrive in their relationship with their child.

Afshan’s journey to adopting a Conscious Parenting approach came from her own suffering in her experience of trying to heal her special needs child and herself.  Afshan discovered that her own health challenges had a lot to do with her conditioned ways of seeing life, which she discovered through her struggles in her relationship with her child.  In an attempt to “fix” her son of his challenges (which include severe anxiety, OCD, ODD/anger, sensory processing issues and more), Afshan discovered that although her son had his challenges, the suffering she experienced, and the lack of confidence in her ability to “handle” this child, were due to her own unhealed wounds, as well as her disconnection to the Universe and a greater meaning of life.  Afshan’s journey to healing was one in which she used her challenges with her son as a mirror to see what she needed to heal within herself.

Afshan now uses her personal learnings as well as her trainings in the child and parenting psychology and conscious parenting fields to help clients transform to the calm, compassionate and connected parents and people they desire to be.


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In this Ebook you will learn:

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  • Why it’s important to embrace conscious parenting in the world we live in today with the rise of sensitive children and the dynamics at play that are affecting them

  • How to become more conscious of what’s blocking you from feeling more acceptance, ease and joy as a parent of a high needs child

  • How your journey to conscious parenting is really about your journey to your own inner healing and becoming your most authentic and best you


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“You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside”

- Wayne Dyer


Being a happy, joyful and peaceful parent is an inside job. Embark upon your journey of conscious parenting today!


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