In this FREE, 3-video mini-course you will learn:  

  1. How to tap into the power of your body so you can heal. You will get cutting-edge, scientifically proven information on the mind-body connection and the impact of emotions on your health.  

  2. How to shift the beliefs that are keeping your body stuck in a state of chronic illness and pain.  

  3. How to release emotional stress from the body with a scientifically proven transformational energy psychology technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (known as EFT or Tapping), and boost your immunity for better health and more ease in life. 



Group Coaching – Online: New Dates Coming Soon

Transform Your Beliefs For Optimal Health

A 4-week online group coaching program that will help you release limiting beliefs that may be contributing to ill health and pain in your body.Result:Feel relief, more ease and joy, more hope and empowered to shift your health.

In this course you will:

  • Learn an energy psychology tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), known as “Tapping” to release emotional stress from the body.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what beliefs are showing up in your body and contributing to ill health and pain.

  • Release the old “learnings” or “limiting beliefs” from your body and transform your body to live from beliefs that are more aligned to optimal health.

  • Includes 4 one-hour weekly group coaching sessions and an accompanying coaching workbook to deepen your work between sessions.

  • Limited spots available. 

  • Investment: $197