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Go from exhausted, sick, fearful and powerless to energized, empowered and in control of your health and your life.

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Is this YOU?

  • Exhausted with not much joy in your life right now?
  • Battling a chronic illness or health challenge?
  • Feeling pretty powerless to do anything about it?
  • Tried the latest healthy diets, supplements and holistic treatments but you’re not getting much better?
  • Frustrated with not getting the answers and healing you are looking for?

Are you ready to discover how to heal yourself?

  • Decrease STRESS in your mind and body so you can boost your immunity

  • Learn to be with and process EMOTIONS so they don’t get trapped in your body causing exhaustion and ill health

  • Change programmed automatic THOUGHT patterns contributing to stress in your mind and bod

  • Change your perception of yourself and the world around you bringing you back into your own POWER

  • Release PAST wounds and traumas keeping you in a state of survival and sick
  • Change your RELATIONSHIP with yourself to be more self-compassionate, loving and supportive
  • Connect to the bigger PURPOSE and meaning of your illness and your life
  • Live from your AUTHENTIC self so you can create the health and life you truly want

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Hi, I’m Afshan Tafler

I personally understand what it’s like to suffer with chronic health challenges and pain. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Disorder and later Lyme disease, I understand that feeling of hopelessness, like nothing ever helps, and the feeling of being stuck with no escape.

I healed from the pain and suffering...and so can you.

I have guided many like you to shift from a state of suffering and ill health to a state of peace, vitality and greater health. Let me be your guide and empower you to discover your innate ability to heal and live the healthy, joyful life you desire.

As a Whole Life Coach specializing in emotional health, chronic illness and pain I help you discover your power to heal chronic underlying emotional stress so your body can be free to self-heal.

I guide you to live your best life and best health by helping you learn how to heal all aspects of your life -mind, body and soul. As a result, you will live a more authentic life with deeper meaning, greater health and more peace and joy.

My health struggles sent me on a journey of learning the best tools to heal my mind and body, and in the process I gained multiple certifications, including: Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Certified Adler Trained Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, just to name a few. Through a combination of Mind-Body Coaching and Energy Psychology techniques, my expertise is to help you reprogram your mind and body for optimal health..


 Introducing Introducing Whole Life Coaching

A mind, body and soul approach to thriving and creating your best health

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can be scary, overwhelming and also quite confusing as to what direction to go in. Most treatments only focus on relieving symptoms, which don't always work, leaving you with stress, overwhelm and feelings of helplessness.

However, with Whole Life Coaching we work to heal all of the underlying emotional factors contributing to your illness and show you that you have much more power to improve your health than you think.




When healing illness, we consider the WHOLE person and all the aspects of your life that influence your health and well-being.

The Physical Self (Body)


Improve diet to increase wellness and reduce inflammation in your body


Learn to breath to calm your nervous system and improve health.


Create an environment and habits for deeper sleep.


Create an exercise habit that is energizing and empowering for your body.


Tune into physical symptoms as messages your body is giving you to know how it’s doing and what its needs are.

The Emotional Self (Mind)


Learn how to change the automatic patterns of limiting stress-inducing thoughts and beliefs keeping you stuck in a state of ill-health.


Learn how to release trapped emotions and automatic emotional patterns that are keeping you in a state of stress.


Become aware of how your subconscious programming operates and how to strengthen your conscious self.

The Connected Self (Soul)


Become more aware of who you are (your authentic self) and what you need to thrive.


Understand your purpose and unique gifts in order to create more meaning, happiness and joy in your life.


Understand how your personal relationships influence your health and the healing power of deeper connections and feeling connection in a community.


Learn to draw upon the universe and spirituality as a source of support and meaning in your life.


3 Ways To Get Started On Your Path To Conscious Parenting


Learn how to alleviate emotional stress and create better health in your mind and body

Learn more…


What clients are saying

Afshan helped me to become unstuck and work through challenging emotions, which had an immediate effect on my health. After one tapping session the chronic cough I had went away the next day!

- SD -

Working with Afshan has helped me to understand the beliefs I have been living through and has helped me release emotional baggage of the past. After 10 years of chronic intense night sweats, I no longer have them!

- DB -

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