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If you have been diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory, autoimmune or any chronic health condition, you are not alone!  Chronic illness is on the exponential rise.  

Just being diagnosed with a chronic disease can be scary, overwhelming and also quite confusing as to what direction to go in.  Most treatments only focus on relieving symptoms, which don't always work, leaving you with stress, overwhelm and feelings of helplessness.

However, with Whole Life Coaching we work to heal all of the underlying emotional factors contributing to your illness and show you that you have much more power to improve your health than you think.


How Can Coaching Help With Chronic Health Issues?


Studies show that working with a health coach in conjunction to conventional medicine is a valuable tool for improving behaviour change, outcomes and satisfaction in the treatment of chronic disease.

- Compendium of the Health and Wellness Coaching Literature

Chronic health issues involve a multi-pronged approach to healing and wellness, which includes a strong mind-body-soul component. The overall goal of Whole Life Coaching is to:


1. Empower Yourself

To understand yourself better and tune into your own wisdom and healing abilities by creating more awareness of who you are, what you want and what is getting in the way of your body’s ability to heal.


2. Release Stress

Get the body and mind back into a balanced state by relieving any factors that are causing stress to the system.


3. Take Action 

From here, you are able to expand your choices, make better decisions, and empower yourself to take meaningful action towards what you want.

Want to see how you have the power to heal from your illness?

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The Whole Life Wheel 


We consider the WHOLE person and all the aspects of your life that influence your health and well-being.

Including The Physical Self, The Connected Self and the Emotional Self.

Embedded in the whole life coaching process are teachings in mindfulness/meditation, self-compassion, self-acceptance, gratitude and visualization as all of these practices have been shown in research to help reprogram the body-mind and create a greater sense of sustained well-being.


Body: the physical self 


Understand how diet can contribute to overall health and wellness and reduce inflammation in your body.


Become aware of how breathing can influence your health.


Create an environment and habits for deeper sleep.


Create an exercise habit that is energizing and empowering for your body.

Attunement to the Body’s Messages 

Tune into physical symptoms as messages your body is giving you to know how it’s doing and what its needs are.

Mind: the emotional self 

Limiting Beliefs, Thoughts and Emotions

Understand and become aware of the connection between your thoughts and emotions and how they influence your health and create stress in your body.

The Body-Mind/Emotional Body

Learn the patterns of stress and how you hold stressful emotions and experiences in the body, and how you can attune to them and their messages.

Conscious & Subconscious

Become aware of how your subconscious programming operates and how to strengthen your conscious self. 

Soul: the connected self 

Connection to Self

Become more aware of who you are, how you respond, what you want, and what’s getting in your way. Awareness is the goal.

Connection to Purpose

Understand your purpose and unique gifts in order to create more meaning, happiness and joy in your life.

Connection in Relationships

Understand how your personal relationships influence your health and the healing power of deeper connections and feeling connection in a community.

Connection to the Universe/Spirituality

Learn to draw upon the universe and spirituality as a source of support and meaning in your life.


Does this sound like a journey you want to go on together? 


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