For a LIMITED TIME I am offering a Package of 6  Coaching Sessions at a discounted price of $960!

6 Sessions Special Offer
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6 Sessions Special Offer
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My regular price for 6 one-on-one coaching sessions is $1,200….so that’s a 20% saving!  But this is only for a limited time so secure this deal today!

What you will get from coaching with me one-on-one

  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions (first session is 1.5 hours and subsequent sessions are 1 hour each)

  • Email communication for any follow up questions.

  • You will develop a deeper understanding of the factors contributing your health.

  • You will shift limiting beliefs and patterns contributing to ill health.

  • You will release stress from your body and feel more relief, ease and joy in your life.

  • You will feel supported and not alone in your journey.

  • You will gain a better understanding of who you are…your TRUE SELF… and what you want for your health and your life.

  • You will learn to love and accept yourself more.

  • You will feel more relaxed in your body….and, when the stress decreases then your immune system’s ability increases and your body can go back into balance and self-heal.

All for a price of $960!  Start your healing journey with me today!

Here is what clients have to say about me:

Afshan helped me to overcome strong negative emotional patterns and beliefs that were connected to symptoms in my body.  I feel lighter, more relief, and my symptoms have decreased a lot.  I have a new perspective on life and feel more hope and possibility for myself.”  ST

“I really liked how Afshan understood me so well, even if a lot of the time I didn’t understand myself. She can see what people want from their hearts.  She helped me make changes in my life that I thought were not possible for me.” JC

“Working with Afshan helped me to lift a lot of heaviness I felt about my health and my life.  I have a better understanding of the real me and I am better able to understand my emotions and tolerate them.  I have greater faith in life now and I have more energy for my life too!”  AD

If you’re still not sure, then I am happy to speak with you personally to make sure we are a good fit.  You can schedule 15 minutes with me here or send me an email at to set up a FREE call with me today.


With peace and love,

Afshan Tafler

Whole Life Coach |