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Break free from a state of physical and emotional suffering, to one of hope, possibility, vitality and ease today!

Join Afshan Tafler, Emotional Success & Chronic Health Coach, for her upcoming LIVE 4-week Group Coaching Program: Transform Your Beliefs For Optimal Health on Tuesday June 4, 11, 18 & 25 at 8pm EST and learn how to release the limiting beliefs that are contributing to ill health and pain in your body.

Limited spots available. Sign up today to secure your seat!

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Are you ready to dig deep, shine light on those limiting beliefs and transform your beliefs and health?

Then join me for this LIVE 4-week Group Coaching Program where you will learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) to:


Decrease stress and boost your immune system.  EFT Tapping is a transformational energy psychology tool proven in over 100 research studies to decrease stress levels in the body and boost your immune system.  Learn how to use EFT to effectively tune into your emotions and release trapped emotions from your body for better physical and emotional health.


Release common limiting beliefs tied to chronic illness and pain.  Your mind and body are indeed connected.  The limiting beliefs you are living through may be creating a chronic response of ill health and pain in your body.  Learn to identify the beliefs living in your body and how to release these beliefs with EFT Tapping for better mind-body health.


Feel relief from pain and suffering and create more energy and ease in your life. With EFT you can shift your relationship to stress and pain and create a new experience of life! You can turn your limiting beliefs into more empowering beliefs and thus create a new experience of life with less stress, more emotional regulation and more ease and joy in your body and life.

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About Afshan


Hi, I’m Afshan.  I personally understand what it’s like to suffer with chronic health challenges and pain.  Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I understand that feeling of hopelessness, like nothing ever helps, and the feeling of being stuck with no escape.  I healed from the pain and suffering…and so can you. 

I have guided many like you to shift from a state of suffering and ill health to a state of peace, vitality and greater health.  Let me be your guide and empower you to discover your innate ability to heal and live the healthy, joyful life you desire. 

As a Whole Life Coach specializing in emotional health, chronic illness and pain I help you discover your power to heal chronic underlying emotional pain so that your body can be free to self-heal. I guide you to live your best life and best health by helping you learn how to heal all aspects of your life - mind, body and soul. As a result, you will live a more authentic life with deeper meaning, greater health and more peace and joy.

My health struggles sent me on a journey of learning the best tools to heal my mind and body, and in the process I gained multiple certifications, including:Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Certified Adler Trained Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, just to name a few.Through a combination of Mind-Body Coaching and Energy Psychology (EFT) techniques, my expertise is to help you reprogram your mind and body for optimal health.

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This 4-week LIVE Group Coaching Program Is For You If:


  • You struggle with chronic illness or pain, from chronic headaches, stomach disturbances, and low energy to chronic autoimmune illnesses or pain

  • You have tried many things (diet, supplements, medicines) but nothing brings you true relief

  • You want to take charge of your health and your life and believe in your potential to heal

  • You struggle with pleasing others, making others happy, feeling responsible for others, feeling not strong enough or good enough, feeling guilty or resentful, and are overwhelmed by it all (these are common patterns in people with chronic illness and pain)

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In this LIVE 4-week Group Coaching Program You Will Get:

  • 4 live 1-hour group coaching calls, led by Afshan Tafler, via Zoom videoconference on June 4, 11, 18 & 25 at 8pm EST

  • Replays of the class that will be made available if you can’t attend all sessions

  • A coaching workbook to download, take notes, and help deepen your learning and transformation between sessions and after the course ends

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group page where you can ask questions and share your experiences

  • A small intimate group to connect with.  Recent research strongly indicates the increased power of healing when connected with others vs. going it alone

Limited spots available.  Sign up today to secure your seat!

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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” 

Wayne Dyer

You have the power to transform your health. 

Change the beliefs, change your experience of life and your body will be given the chance to self-heal.