The Connection Between Parenting & Your Health


How many times have you found yourself saying to your kids “Why are you doing that? What’s wrong with you?  What were you thinking?!”

And for those who don’t have kids…just hang on here because this has to do with you too (I will show you what I mean in a bit, so read on).


You’re probably wondering what parenting has to do with your current state of health?  The answer is: likely, a lot.


It’s not just about how you are parenting today, but it’s also about how you were parented that is affecting your health, (so the people who don’t have kids…here’s where this becomes about you too!).


The way we parent is often a direct reflection of how we were parented.  So, you can use your parenting style as an indicator of how you were likely parented, which then created the beliefs through which you see yourself and your children.


The Pain of My Child Became The Pain In My Body


When I had my child I felt this was my opportunity to create this amazing relationship and experience with my child.  But, when things didn’t turn out as planned (i.e. he didn’t turn out to be what I expected), and the experience was a lot more stressful than I thought, I was in for a real dose of inner struggle and pain. 


Eventually, I hit rock bottom and was diagnosed CFS/ME and later Fibromyalgia.  I was in emotional pain about my life with this child and that inner pain was creating ill health and physical pain in my body.


When our experience with our children becomes painful and a struggle, then this is a mirror indicating to us what belief systems we may be living through, and it is these belief systems that are affecting our overall health.


When it comes down to it, we are either in stress or rest and repair.  We cannot heal while we are in stress.  So, the key thing to understand is what beliefs about our children are stressing us out?  Whatever we are believing about our children is likely to be a belief we carry about ourselves…and this is living in our bodies creating ill health.


What You Believe About Your Child Is Actually About You


Have you ever thought of your child as being “bad” or “defiant” if he or she got angry?  Have you sometimes thought of them as “being lazy” or “irresponsible”?  Have you found yourself worrying about them not “doing enough” with their lives or being too emotional and sensitive?

krishan pal