The Thriving Children Summit

Have you ever felt lost during the difficult journey of parenting, not knowing what is “normal”, getting into power struggles with your kids only to leave you up at night wondering what to do and feeling guilty because you yelled, spanked or just did absolutely nothing?

Do you want to know what to do in the moment of your child’s stressful melt-down or understand how to handle lying? Would you like to hear very simple strategies to increase your knowledge of behavior management?

Then join me and 20 experts for this FREE Online Summit: The Thriving Children Summit and gain parenting tools and advice to help you up level your parenting and feel less stress and more joy in your parenting journey.

Airing: July 31st for 11 days. Be sure to watch my talk on Day 11 as I close the summit with an amazing advice on how to become more conscious of how your frustrations about your child are really about what needs to be healed within you.

Afshan Tafler