The PainBody Cleanse - Online Event March 3rd-28th, 2019

Do you have chronic pain in your body? Back pain, joint pain, or general muscle or nerve pain? 

If you you want to learn more about how to overcome chronic body pain by releasing and healing chronic emotional pain, then go to: join the PainBody Cleanse 30 day coaching program for FREE and produced by The Mindful World Summit.  

For the month of March, there will be a Mentor call each Sunday at 4pm EST and a Coaching call each Thursday at 8pm EST with myself. 

Each Sunday and 4pm EST, one of the pain experts will be talking about how to overcome chronic pain and will provide a “challenge” or practice to incorporate into your daily life. On Thursdays at 8pm EST I will be coaching participants on their experience with the new practice and helping to drive change towards emotional healing.

This 28 day Challenge starts this Sunday March 4th at 4pm EST. 

Join today and get on the path to pain free living!

Afshan Tafler