How Connecting To The Realm Of Infinite Possibilities Impacts Your Health

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What do you feel when you read the words “Infinite Possibilities”?  I don’t know about you, but my whole body starts to tingle with energy buzzing through me.  It feels like I’ve entered a Sci-fi vortex where anything is possible and all the things encumbering me in life fall away.

Close your eyes and give it a try. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

Ok, so if you’re physically not well and have been operating under negative, heavy feelings for a while (not to mention pain and fatigue), it may be hard to access this feeling.  With years of chronic illness, it may be hard to even comprehend the idea of possibility.  So think back to when you were a kid and felt so excited about opening presents on your birthday and felt that energy tingling through you at the thought of what’s possible behind that wrapping paper.


Feel it now?


So, what’s important about this?  Well, turns out that connecting to this place of Infinite Possibilities has a significant impact on brain integration leading to more resiliency and a better experience of life.  We know, through scientific studies, that changing the neural patterns in your brain (especially the fight/flight/freeze Stress System involved in chronic illness), can also lead to better health in your body.


We all want that, right?!


So, how do we access this place of Infinite Possibilities?  The answer is:  through Meditation.


A Day With Dr. Daniel Siegel In Toronto


Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a mind blowing full day workshop with Dr. Daniel Siegel in Toronto, Canada.  Dr. Siegel is known for his ground breaking work on Mindfulness and training people to develop what he calls Mindsight: a learnable skill of perceiving the mind of the self and others thereby creating a more integrated brain and a more resilient life.  He is one of the thought leaders of our time, so if you haven’t read any of his books, I highly recommend Mindsight: The New Science Of Personal Transformation.


A big learning that came out of this workshop for me was that meditation practice, as it leads us into this place of greater awareness of our mind, and lesser attachment to our identity (thoughts, emotions, our bodies etc), is also accessing this realm of infinite possibilities.  As Dr. Dan Siegel says, “The emptiness of identity brings the rising of potential and possibility.”


Two Realms of One Reality


Before we get deeper into this “nuance” place of Infinities Possibilities, it is important to understand the science of how we perceive the world today and the newer (yet, very established and proven) science that is necessary to become aware of if we want to create transformation in our minds, our lives and in our world.


The two realms that exist today are Newtonian science and Quantum science.  Newtonian science is the classical physics view based on the physical form of things and seeing things through the limited capacity of our five senses, and of that mostly through visual and auditory senses.  Dr. Dan Siegel calls this the “noun-like entity of reality”.  Examples are seeing a desk as a solid desk and seeing your body as a solid form, with the notion that we are separate from other physical forms around us.  That desk is there, and your body is here and you are not connected in any way.


In the Quantum view of reality everything is just pure energy and all energy forms are interconnected and in relationship with each other. Dr. Dan Siegel says that Quantum physics is about “verb-like events” in that you can’t find “things”, just “happenings” that are all profoundly connected to each other.  Two electrons are in relationship with each other (vs. just a condensed mass of electrons creating a form, as viewed in Newtonian physics).  This seriously challenges our Newtonian view of physical space and interconnections amongst everything around us.  If we can understand the new Quantum physics way of looking at things, then we can understand that everything is connected in life.  There is no separation of you from that desk, that other person or that tree.  We are all deeply interconnected.


In the Newtonian world, our mind is living in our bodies.  In the Quantum view, our mind is Consciousness, existing amongst and connected to the energy of everything around us.  We are seriously limiting ourselves when we can only see the world through the one realm of Newtonian physics, when we also have the other realm of Quantum physics to experience a whole other door of possibilities. 



What Is Happening When You Meditate


As Dr. Dan Siegel showed us from his 10,000 person study findings with his Wheel of Awareness Meditation practice, meditation allows us to access Presence, which then leads us to Awareness, a space in which time disappears, everything becomes clear, feelings of peace, love, God and connection to others and the Universe arise.  In addition, feelings of “empty yet full” and a sense of infinity, eternity, expansive, freedom and possibility are available to us.


So, in a sense, we are accessing Awareness by connecting to the Quantum realm of reality that is all about interconnections and infinite possibilities that are waiting to be tapped into.  In meditation we are not creating the experience of Awareness, but we are accessing it by tapping into this Quantum realm that already exists.  Mind blowing! 


And even more profound is the fact that every time we tap into this space and experience this expansive Awareness, we integrate our brain!  Studies have shown that an integrated brain creates a more resilient life with better mental health, which then leads to better physical health, as through this Quantum reality view we know that everything is deeply interconnected.

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The Trade-Off Between Possibility And Certainty


One of the fascinating things about this place of Awareness and Infinite Possibilities is that it is also a place of extreme uncertainty.  If you think of it from a Quantum Physics point of view, you are tapping into the energy of “anything is possible” and if anything is possible then there is no one thing that is for certain, but many things that have the potential to become certain. This energetic place can feel very destabilizing for some whose nervous systems crave certainty to feel safe. If you have a chronic illness, you likely have a nervous system that does not feel safe, as we know through science that the Stress System is more activated in individuals with chronic illness.


Have you ever had the experience of a profound, moving meditation where you experience your body and reality differently and this immense feeling of peace overcomes you, only to be followed shortly after by a sudden feeling of discomfort or fear?


This is not uncommon with meditation experiences, especially for people who have experienced more severe traumas, and even for those of us operating under societal and early school conditioning where we learned to not be ok with uncertainty.


It is important to note that this place of infinite possibilities is not unsafe…It is just uncertain because anything is possible.  So, if you (or your body) believes that being uncertain is unsafe, then it is possible for you to have a reaction of fear when accessing this realm.  It is good to know this because you can work with those parts of you who want certainty to feel safe and help those parts become more comfortable with the uncertainty of the realm of infinite possibilities.


Creating Transformation By Accessing The Realm Of Infinite Possibilities


According to Dr. Dan Siegel, the definition of Awareness is “the subjective experience of knowing.”   When we access Awareness by connecting to the Quantum realm of Infinite Possibilities, we are moving into an experience of “knowing” the truth about who we are and how we are intricately connected to everyone and everything in this Universe.  Although the initial trade-off may feel like certainty for extreme uncertainty (for some), we also access this state of expansive “knowing” which is quite securing and grounding. 


It is from this place of expansive “knowing” that we can understand that we are bigger than our bodies and way broader than just our brains.  It is from this place that we awaken to the interconnected nature of reality, experience infinity and timelessness.  And it is from this place that our brains integrate, allowing us to break free from our past conditioning and create a new experience of ourselves and our lives that is more truth than we can ever experience from our Newtonian world view.


If both realms (Newtonian and Quantum) have been scientifically proven to be real, then why wouldn’t the mind be able to tap into both realms?  The truth is it can…through the practice of meditation.  Step into the Quantum realm and just watch how your experience of life transforms!


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Afshan Tafler