Do Your Thoughts Have The Power To Make You Sick?


It's easy to get sucked into a downward spiral of negative thoughts when you’re battling a chronic health challenge.  That’s exactly how it feels at times – like a battle.  IF that’s the way you THINK about it.

But what IF you thought about it differently?  What if, instead of a battle, you saw it as an opportunity?  Or as a message signaling that something needs to change…something that can make your life even better than you ever thought possible? 

How much do you believe your thoughts affect your health? 

The answer is A LOT.  The thoughts you have everyday and how you think about your chronic health challenge are affecting you on an energetic, cellular and even genetic level!

If the above is the #TRUTH, then this is good news for you!  Because this means all you have to do is change your thoughts. 

The well-known notion of “change your thoughts, change your life” can also apply to “change your thoughts, change your health.”  Your life and all the thoughts you have everyday is very much influencing your health every minute.


How Your Thoughts Have Power to Create Disorder In Your Body

Our thoughts are energy.  To understand this concept, let’s look at a really cool experiment done by the Japanese researcher and author, Masaru Emoto.

Masaru took water samples and had people speak positive words into some of the samples and negative words into other samples.  He froze these samples and observed the crystals that formed as a result.  What he found was the following:


Positive words like Love and Gratitude and Thank You formed beautiful, orderly crystals and negative words like You Disgust Me and You Fool formed ugly, dirty, disease like crystals with a lot of disorder.

This experiment is quite telling since, as humans, we are 60% water!  We can easily extrapolate from these findings that our thoughts and words can create an energetic effect in our bodies too.

Are you starting to understand that your thoughts are more powerful than you may think?


How Thoughts Affect Your Cells And Your Genetics

Now that you understand how your thoughts can have an energetic influence in your body, you’re probably wondering how exactly they can affect your health?

When you have a thought you often have an accompanying emotion or feeling connected to that thought.  Dr. Candace Pert was a pioneering scientist and researcher in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology.  Through her research she discovered that we have what she called “molecules of emotions” known as peptides.


When you have an emotion there is an actual biochemical response that happens at the cellular and even genetic levels.  For example, if you have an angry thought and then an angry feeling, your body releases a flurry of anger molecules (known as peptides) that bind to receptors on the surface of your cells and send a message into the cells to change its’ functioning.  This messaging is sent down to the DNA (genetic level) telling the cells what genes to activate and deactivate.  Good genes can turn off and bad genes can be turned on.  So, your thoughts and feelings have the ability to influence your health down to the cellular and genetic levels.


Change Your Thoughts and Create Your Best Health

Having an understanding of how your thoughts and emotions can influence your cells and your genes is quite empowering.  If you have the ability to influence your own cells and, therefore, your health, then you have the ability to shift your body into a healing state by changing your thoughts and emotions.

Since our thoughts play out in our heads and our emotions (or feelings) play out in our bodies (at the cellular levels), in order to create a true shift in your health you must change your thoughts as well as your feelings.  To think positive is not enough - you must feel it in your body and start to create the new messaging, priming your cells to receive the positive input and shift the programming and functioning of your cells…and your genes!

Creating your best health is about taking a “whole life” approach.  When you shift thoughts and emotions about all aspects of your life, and start seeing life through a more positive lens, then you are directly sending messages to your cells that are “life giving” instead of “life sucking.”

Our bodies tell the stories of our lives, and that story is played out down to the cellular and genetic levels.  Your thoughts have the power to make you sick…BUT, change your story and watch how your health can transform!

Coaching Tip!

When you’re stuck in a rut of chronic negative thoughts and feelings about a situation, a person or yourself, do the following:

  1. Accept your feelings.  This diffuses the stress response in the body immensely. 
  2. From here, ask yourself:  How is feeling this way serving me? How would I rather feel about this situation or person?  How would life be different if I shifted my perspective? 
  3. Lastly, visualize yourself thinking, feeling and responding differently to the situation or person.  Visualization primes your brain and body for a new experience and you will start to change the programming from a negative body-mind to a positive one that is more aligned with optimal health!

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